Sydney’s Obituary

Posted on Mar 22, 2015 in color, photography

Sydney LaBarge of Keene, NH died peacefully this morning surrounded by her loving human parents after a period of declining health. Her chest simply could no longer contain her growing heart. Sydney was also known by the nicknames Piddlebug, Baby Deuce, Little D, and later in life, Daisy.

She was born in Northfield, MA, daughter of the late Sugar Bear and Buffy, also of Northfield, MA and received early care from her human breeder, Mena Cote.

She leaves her human parents, Melinda and Trevor; two Sheltie brothers, Chuck and Rusty; human grandparents, Robert LaBarge and the late Betty LaBarge of Winchendon, MA; human grandparents Boo and Denny McCoy of Wimberley, TX; and a human aunt, Sheryl Ramsay of Winchendon, MA.

Sydney was a strong pack-leader with a great sense of mischief. She loved to play fetch, which she did by first dropping the ball at a great distance, followed by advancing it inch-by-inch until after some time it was close enough to be thrown again. She also loved to remove freshly fallen snow from the deck and backyard using only her tongue; when that was no longer available, she would loudly crunch ice cubes straight from the refrigerator. Sydney preferred to communicate by scratching things firmly with her front paw until the appropriate level of attention was received. She enjoyed the epic battles for world domination with Rusty each night after dinner, often jumping over him and pivoting in mid-air like a character from The Matrix. She was known for her loud, heavy, and sometimes piercing bark, especially during pizza and Chinese food deliveries or during walks with the boys.

There are no calling hours or services. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in Sydney’s memory to the Monadnock Humane Society.

Color photo of a Sheltie eating snow
Color photo of a Sheltie named Sydney
Color photo of a Sheltie running through the snow