Morning Walk Along the Ashuelot River

Posted on Jun 13, 2015 in color, photography

Thanks to a very early morning wake up from my Sheltie Chuck, I was out of the house just after 6am this morning with my camera in hand. I decided to head over to the Ashuelot River near the Cheshire Medical Center here in Keene, which is one of my favorite places to explore.

My first stop was beneath the Route 9 bridge that passes over the Ashuelot River just South of the medical center. Having photographed this spot many times in the past, I pushed myself to find a few new compositions. For the first shot, I positioned myself close to one of the support pillars on my side of the river, using it to create a frame for the supports on the opposite side that were reflected on the surface of the river.

Color photo taken beneath the Route 9 bridge over the Ashuelot River in Keene, NH

Next, I noticed pair of cattails catching the early morning light in the foreground as I looked South to the footbridge that crosses the river at the North end of the Ashuelot River Park.

Color photo looking South towards the North footbridge over the Ashuelot River in Keene, NH

Making my way over the the footbridge that denotes the northern part of the Ashuelot River Park, I captured the first rays of early morning light striking the trees along the riverbank. This was taken looking South into the park from the center of the footbridge.

Color photo taken from the North footbridge over the Ashuelot River in Keene, NH

The last photograph shows the wavy grass beneath the water below the bridge. A circular polarizer helped to cut the glass-like reflections on the surface of the river to reveal the color and swirly details below.

Color photo of underwater vegetation in the Ashuelot River

Thanks for the nudge to get out of bed early, Chuck 🙂