Walking to the Office

Posted on Jun 24, 2015 in color, photography

A cold front passed through New Hampshire overnight, and with the temperature dropping into the mid 50s, there were tiny drops of dew covering just about every surface. With cool mornings and low humidity being somewhat rare at this time of year, I grabbed my camera and a backpack and headed to my office on foot, a walk of about two and a half miles.

My first stop was an interesting grove of trees halfway down the hill that I live on. I have always enjoyed the arrangement of these trees, and this morning they looked especially good in the early sunlight.

Color photo of a stand of trees lit by the morning light

Further down the hill, I found some very interesting weeds growing alongside the road, the leaves covered with an even coating of tiny dewdrops.

Color photos of dewdrops covering green foliage

Passing through a nearby neighborhood, I found this black mailbox shimmering with reflected light bouncing off the hundreds of tiny dewdrops covering its surface.

Color photo of dewdrops covering a black mailbox

Finally, I found an entire section of sidewalk covered with decaying white flowers that had fallen from a nearby bush, the flowers illuminated by the warm, early morning side-lighting.

Color photo of white flowers decaying on a sidewalk